Advent Calendars

Each year I spend most of the month of December posting about that day’s entries from the LEGO Advent calendar sets. If you’d like to check back on the history of these posts, I’ve created this page to collect all the links. Each year has a tag, and there are posts for each of the 24 days, plus sometimes a recap or other special posts as well.

LEGO first produced Advent calendars in 1998, but I wasn’t active in the hobby back then. I didn’t start doing them (and posting about them) until 2008. I’ve built at least one every year since then, except for 2010, when LEGO made City and Castle (“Kingdoms”) sets, but I didn’t post about them at the time. In 2009, I didn’t post blog entries every day, but did build and photograph each entry. Since 2011 I’ve done the daily posts, though in some instances the posts may have gone up a day or so late. Some years I’ve added extra content, such as a recap (sometimes called review or round-up) and in 2014 even some awards!

For more information about these sets, including ones I didn’t build, you can see all of the Advent calendars through the years on BrickLink.