Advent 2012 Day 23

The next-to-last day in our Advent calendar gives us some gift boxes and a snowdroid!


The light blue and white box is from Friends; the other two are from City. But the best part about today is the droid – look closely at the printing, he has carrots on his chest and eyes made out of coal! And of course, the top hat to finish it all off. Adorable.

One thought on “Advent 2012 Day 23”

  1. I *love* my snow droid (for reasons which are as yet unclear, my 11yo has shown no interest in her Star Wars lego advent calendar even though she “LOVES lego!”, and so therefore I have taken the set as my own. My 8yo is all about her City lego calendar, though, so I don’t get to play with that one).

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