Advent 2018 Day 2

It’s the second day of the LEGO Advent Calendars. Christmas is just over three weeks away (22 more shopping days!) … are you ready?
Advent 2018 Day 2

So maybe this year’s hot Christmas gift is this snazzy colorful electric guitar (from the Friends) set, which the kid from the City set is all set to by for 5 cents (or maybe 5 kroner since it’s a Danish company after all?) which is a great price; no wonder there’s only one left! But Rose Tico is there from the Star Wars set with her blaster to take it from him! In fact their heads are both reversible to show how they feel about the situation:
City & Star Wars Advent 2018 Day 2, Heads Reversed

Here’s the kid with the coin. (In case the price goes up, the set comes with a spare.) See above for the back side of his head.
City Advent 2018 Day 2

The Friends set has this guitar (like the heart from yesterday, and like the rest of the models in this year’s Advent Calendar, it’s a Christmas ornament). The small grey parts are spares.
Friends Advent 2018 Day 2

And here’s Rose. Don’t worry if you didn’t identify her straight away; I didn’t either. I often have to refer to Jay’s Brick Blog to identify the Star Wars models, and today is no exception. See above for the back side of her head.
Star Wars Advent 2018 Day 2

Spare parts were very generous yesterday, particularly in the City model (Space Shuttle-like ship). Today is more sparse – we get two cookies* (one dark grey with the “5” artwork, and one plain light grey) and a joystick/lever part. Star Wars has no extra parts; do I recall correctly that in the past they included bonus blasters for the small ones like this?

* I use the word “cookies” to refer to the Tile 1×1 Round part, regardless of color or printing. I started calling them that after seeing the Detective’s Office Designer Video (set #10246)