BayLUG Meeting February 4, 2023

BayLUG had its annual business meeting on February 4th at the Bay Area Family Church in San Leandro.

I attended along with my latest model, the ????? ??????? flag mosaic/sign. I also got back my models from the Día de los Muertos 2022 display at the museum in Palo Alto, which another member had kindly collected on my behalf on the teardown day. I set those up along with the Ukraine flag sign as my MOC (My Own Creation) display at the meeting.

Johannes Van Galen who hosts the meetings at the church had a exhibit of models on display at the church over the holidays, and we had a chance to view that before it would be taken down. He had a very impressive LEGO city with trains running around it, all on his own.

Our club activity was a round of the “Dirty Brickster” game, which is basically a White Elephant gift exchange but with more LEGO and less Christmas. I came away with the “otter battle pack” – 2 copies of LEGO set 60394, City ATV and Otter Habitat in exchange for a couple of sets that I had brought.

I wore a mask to the meeting, but lots of people did not. As far as I am aware, nobody caught COVID-19 there. I am always anxious about social in-person events these days, as my partner is immune compromoised and I’m not in the best of health myself. But I guess it worked out OK.

See these Photos by Davin White for more about what the meeting was like. Please come join us for a future meeting or show!