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Instructions for Christmas Build-Up Models

Published / by Bill

Throughout the first 24 days of December I had been posting about the Advent Calendar and Christmas Build-Up models. Each day I designed and built a MOC (My Own Creation) using the parts leftover after building each day’s Christmas Build-Up model, and while some of them are holiday themed, most were not. So I have created instructions if you want to build them yourself.

Day 21 Black Kitten Instructions (more…)

Advent 2016 Day 24

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Merry Christmas! It’s December 24th, the last day of the Advent Calendars, and Christmas Eve. Our final entries are Santa Claus (City), a baby polar bear stalking a fish (Friends), and Snowbacca (Star Wars). The final model from Christmas Build-Up is also Santa Claus, with an assortment of gifts. I built a sleigh and Rudolph with the leftover parts.

Advent 2016 Day 24 All Models


Advent 2016 Day 23

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Day 23 of the Advent calendars – just one more to go – gives us two sleighs (City and Star Wars) and a snowman (Friends). For Christmas Build Up, I realized today I screwed up a week ago and each model since the 14th has been off by one day! So today I made up for it by building Day 14, and then used leftovers to build a MOC of a kid on a sled.

Advent 2016 Day 23 All Models

Advent 2016 Day 18

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Day 18 is 75% of the way to Christmas! Have you done all your shopping? Anyway today City gives us a cookie baking firefighter, Friends gives us a Christmas tree, Star Wars gives us a nanoscale model of Jabba’s Palace, and the Build Up model is a micro scale van. I used leftover parts to make a bunny wabbit.

Advent 2016 Day 18 All Models