Advent Calendars, Day 16

I guess yesterday’s model represented the Alchemy profession rather than Cooking, since today’s model appears to represent an alchemy supplies shop:

Alchemy supplies

On the City calendar, we are supposed to get a photographer minifig, but I got a mountain climber:

Day 16 box image Mountain climber

Dark green legs FTW!

Alert readers will recall that I had a mistake in the Day 2 City calendar as well. I wonder if anyone else is finding these errors?

7 thoughts on “Advent Calendars, Day 16”

  1. Hey, in regards to the wrong figure, it might simply be that they placed the wrong guy in that spot, i had that occur on a previous day, so what i did was open up the box on the end, slide out the plasitc “box” and found the one that was supposed to be in there and just made the swap. i am guessing you have a photographer in a different spot.

  2. Yeah, I’m guessing I’ll find the photographer in the 22nd slot. It’s adjacent, and a multiple of 3 away (the figs tend to be every third door).

  3. i just got home and opened mine up and got the photographer, the lens is made from a cup! and frankly you have no idea how pissed i am i didnt find out about the castle calendar until into december, because of course i just checked the lego website….

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