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If you have a question that you don’t mind being posted for the world to see go ahead and post a comment under any article or page on this site. I generally approve all comments that appear to be sent by a human who is actually reading the site.

If you want to talk to me privately, the best way to contact me is via email – – and I will try to respond as soon as possible. I may be available for some small custom LEGO work, such as making a variation on one of the models I’ve designed for a customer, or I can sell instructions for many of the models I’ve built and posted about. I don’t generally take on large LEGO projects due to the time commitment involved, however.

You can also reach me via Facebook, Flickr, or Twitter, using the links in the “Social Media” section to your right.

9 thoughts on “Contact Me”

  1. Hi,

    my fiancée is obsessed with Kermit the Frog. I’d like to surprise her in our wedding with a lego kermit (as i’m a big Lego fan). however, i’m poor in designing my own MOC and I wonder if you can teach/show/send me instruction of how your Kermit is built.

    i appreciate this is your original design but what i’m building is merely for our personal display. Perhaps just the Kermit head would be good enough as a surprise gift to my love.

    i wonder if you may help

    many thanks

  2. Since Kermit is the intellectual property of Disney I’m leery of disseminating instructions for building it, sorry.

  3. Is the chibi snoopy WWI flying ace available for purchase somewhere?
    What are its approximate dimensions?

  4. Do you still have the C-23 Sherpa kits in Army grey available and how much? Looking for a gift for a reunion of old Sherpa pilots and crew. Thanks

  5. I created BrickPix (, which lets you turn your pictures into beautiful mosaic art made from Lego® bricks. You may have seen other similar apps that do this, but BrickPix is different and has a number of unique features. For example, you can preview a 3D model of your creation and zoom in/out and rotate it in any direction.

    I was hoping you would take a look for yourself via these channels:
    – Online at
    – iOS app:
    – Android app:
    You can also check out some sample projects create with BrickPix on Instagram:

    Please let me know if you would be interested in writing a post on your blog about BrickPix or, if it’s easier, if I could submit a post for your review.

  6. Hi! Do you have a photo of just the 2020 Lego City Advent calendar ‘road’? My son’s got tossed and he’s really upset. Was hoping to get one printed for him.

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