Advent 2018 Day 15

Day 15 of the Advent calendars gives us a Christmas tree, some cupcakes, and a Star Wars baddie.
Advent 2018 Day 15

City gives us a lovely little Christmas tree. The ornaments are 1×1 round transparent plates in blue and yellow, and the angel is a nanofig, all of which we get an extra of!
City Advent 2018 Day 15

In Friends we get a Christmas ornament featuring some cupcakes in a tic-tac-toe (Naughts and Crosses for UK folks) board.
Friends Advent 2018 Day 15
Since 6×6 is too big for the little boxes we get four white 3×3 plates!
Friends Advent 2018 Day 15, Back

The Star Wars model is a Death Trooper from Rogue One.
Star Wars Advent 2018 Day 15
Here is his face.
Star Wars Advent 2018 Day 15, Helmet Off