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What is the best place to buy LEGO in bulk? In person, the best deals can often be found at yard sales and thrift stores, but they can be very hit-and-miss. You can also monitor Craigslist for people near you unloading their kids’ LEGO collections. When you find them you can get great bargains, but most of the time it’s not fruitful unless you have other reasons to shop there. Still, I know people who get up every weekend morning early and scour their nearby yard sales and garage sales, buy all the LEGO available, and resell that by the pound at the flea market and at LEGO events for a markup. But beware – you may find that there are a lot of MegaBloks or other unwanted clone brand products mixed in, so check carefully first!

When I built my Pokemon sculptures, I was able to do that using a bulk brick tub that lego was selling at the time (set #3033). I bought about 20 of those at $20 each and still ran out of certain parts – that’s why Squirtle’s tail was so small. Sadly, that tub was discontinued a few years ago and the bulk tubs that are available more recently haven’t had nearly as good of an assortment or as good of a price per brick.

Probably the easiest way to get specific parts cheap is to shop on BrickLink. It’s an online shopping mall just for LEGO. Sellers buy sets in bulk (generally when they have clearance sales at retail stores) and sort the parts, putting the individual pieces on their stores. Then you can go in and order any part in quantity. It’s an awkward site to use, but I think the best way is to start at the Catalog tab, find the part you want in the color you want, and then find a store that has them in sufficient quantity. Or if you add the parts to your Wanted List, they have algorithms to help fulfill your needs by placing orders from several different sellers. Whenever I’m working on a large project and run out of something, BrickLink is where I look first. For example I bought a lot of brown plates on BrickLink when I was working on my Teddy Bear model.

Of course the world’s #1 place to buy and sell used stuff in general is eBay. I’ve found some bargains there by searching for “lego pounds” to find people selling large collections all at once, and I have bought some of the 9V track in my collection there. Bargains can be found, but there’s a lot of overpriced stuff too, and as with the yard sales and thrift stores, watch out for clone bricks being mixed in.

There’s also bulk brick available from LEGO; usually they’re a lot more expensive that way but once in a while you can find some real bargains. Look for the “Pick-A-Brick” in the LEGO Shop-At-Home Store and if you have a LEGO store in your nearby mall, they have an in-person pick-a-brick wall where you can fill up a plastic cup with LEGO parts for a set price. Also check the Bricks & Pieces area on LEGO’s website which may have better deals than Pick-A-Brick.

And of course don’t forget about buying sets on sale. Look at your local Target, Toys ‘R’ Us, or Wal-Mart for clearance sales, and check Web sites online such as and others. Check for sales at LEGO Shop-At-Home (and try their phone number too, as they have weekly phone-only sales as well). LEGO Education also has bargains from time to time. If you do this a lot though, you may find yourself setting up a BrickLink store to unload the parts you don’t need from those sets!

If you know any other good ways to find bulk LEGO at economical prices, please post it here as a comment….

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  1. I am making a lego mosaic. I need large quantities of 1X1 and 2X2 in several colors. Where is the best place to get these in bulk (2-3000)? I have looked on ebay, but it is random pieces and random colors. I didn’t see specific pieces/colors in bulk…

  2. Depends on the colors and sizes you need, but you may find them on shop at home in the Online Pick-A-Brick or even at your local LEGO store (if you have one nearby) on their Pick-A-Brick wall. BrickLink is a good source for used parts, of course. And if you are an AFOL who belongs to a LUG (LEGO Users Group) you can order parts through the LUGBULK program.

  3. To buy Lego in really big quantities, shop on the UK Lego Education website. You can buy huge clasroom packs upto about £5000, now thats a lot of Lego, comes on a palette full of about 30 large plastic storage boxes of Lego (smaller amounts are also available). The good thing about the storage boxes that Lego supply is they have small holes in so the bricks can be washed in the box, and left to drain

  4. Grandson loves to use his hands making things. This is a good therapy for him. You see he was very close To his grandfather and he was with him when he passed away. By him working with these Lego’s it gets his mind on other things.

  5. That’s pretty cool! It can be tricky to find the best deals when buying bulk on ebay, and this should make it easier.

  6. hey, I’ve recently joined the brinklink community as a buyer and have noticed some of these sellers have some really hard to come by parts in extremely large quantities. ie: brown bears in the 50’s all brand new, individual super heroes in the hundreds, some of those rare specialty parts in the thousands. are they probably knockoffs, or do the European nations have special access to these sort of rare items that we don’t?

  7. I have heard that some of the European sellers get access to parts in bulk direct from the factory or LEGOLAND parks due to events like Red Letter Days where they get a chance to make a bulk buy at a discount.

  8. The children,s bargaintown was the best store until 1981 win thay tore it down .

    So where can I get Lego compatible bricks in the best colors like magenta , dark pink ,brite pink , mint green ,and sky blue ,in Chicago ,but don,t say north brook !

  9. The phrase “LEGO compatible” bothers me, as I’m a LEGO brand purist. But the best way to get those colors is to by Friends, Disney Princess, and Elves sets, or to buy individual parts online on BrickLink.

  10. looking to make a lego wall for my daughter’s 5th birthday and I’m finding online retailers don’t make it easy to buy more than a few at a time (have low qty limits). What’s the recommended route for purchasing 15-20 large baseplates?

    my 1st lego project for my 2yr twin girls’ birthday…

  11. I came across an Etsy store called Brickland which offers bulk LEGO for anywhere between $9/lb for completely random to around $25/lb for specific colors. They also have pounds of Technic, Bionicle, “girl colors,” etc. Worth checking out! And thank you for letting me know about BrickLink!

  12. is Goodwill’s auction website and they always have tons of Legos in bulk for sale. Usually costing from $5-$10 per pound depending on the popularity of the auction. I got about 40 pounds for my kids for Christmas and spent on average $5-6 per pound.

  13. D Gaskins mentioned, I have seen eBay auctions by different Salvation Army’s and goodwill’s in different states for bulk Lego’s at a pretty good price, usually between $5 – $10 per pound, depending on how many bidders there are. I would do a search for Goodwill or Salvation Army and see what is available, I think the largest quantity I have seen is 20 pounds.

  14. I saw a thing on tv about a specialty LEGO shop that sells already made things & new & old kits also. They have a big big that u can pick out piece by piece. But for the life of me I can’t remember the name or where it is at ? It was a husband & wife I believe that own the shop. Any insight u could give me would b much appreciated. Thank u

  15. My husband passed away and he had a HUGE collection of legos. We want to sell it as a complete collection ..there must be at least a million pieces…

  16. I’m so sorry for your loss. That must be really difficult to deal with. Where do you live? Perhaps there’s a local LEGO User Group that would be happy to purchase LEGO from you. Is it sorted in any way? Maybe you can sell them online at ebay or bricklink.

  17. My daughter, a third grade teacher in a Title 1 school has been looking for Legos for her class room. Trying to get kids interested in something other than electronics! Can u help?

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