Advent 2016 Day 1

Another year, another set of LEGO Advent Calendars. Once more this year we have three: 60133 City Advent Calendar, 41131 Friends Advent Calendar, and 75146 Star Wars Advent Calendar. But new this year there is another option, a 24-in-1 set 40222 Christmas Build Up.

Advent and Christmas Build Up 2016 Day 1

In Friends, we get a mini doll with a festive green sweater:

Friends Advent 2016 Day 1

Star Wars has a mini model of Boba Fett’s ship, the Slave I:

Star Wars Advent 2016 Day 1

And in City, we get not just one but two snowpeople:

City Advent 2016 Day 1

For the Christmas Build-Up set, we get a large assortment of bricks but we will have to take the models apart each day in order to build the next one. So here’s the model for Day 1:

Christmas Build Up 2016 Day 1

After I built that, I doodled with the leftover parts and came up with a bust of Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer:

Christmas Build Up 2016 Day 1 MOC

Here’s a photo of my camera setup.

Advent 2016 Camera Setup

The CowboyStudio 30-Inch Light Box is a great way to take photos, giving a nice way to diffuse the light. The lights are Julius Studio LED lamps and tripods and the camera is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-G5 with a Panasonic H-FS045200 45-200 zoom lens. I bought the camera in 2012 so there are much better ones available now, but this one is still serving me well.

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