LEGO City Advent 2020 Recap

Merry Christmas! The Advent season is over, and it’s time to take a look at what we got. Here are all the models arranged on the playmat / box lid:

LEGO City Advent 2020 Recap Top

Let’s take a couple of closer views of the models on the playmat. It’s pretty silly, since the minifigures tower over the vehicles, which in turn are way too big for the buildings…

LEGO City Advent 2020 Recap 1

LEGO City Advent 2020 Recap 1

There were 6 minifigures in all:

LEGO City Advent 2020 Minfigs

This year’s calendar included a nice array of 2-stud-wide cars and trucks. I think this is an interesting scale to explore, since it lets you include a lot more detail than with Micropolis, but doesn’t eat up parts the way minifigure scale or other larger scales do.

LEGO City Advent 2020 Cars & Trucks

There were only a few models that were very Christmassy (Santa Claus also appeared above with the other minifigures):

LEGO City Advent 2020 Christmas

We ended up with 3 buildings, all based on the 2×4 wedge plate. Frustratingly, we didn’t end up with an even number of each “side.”

LEGO City Advent 2020 Buildings

Besides the cars and trucks above, we got 2 boats (one of which is also shown above on its trailer), 2 aircraft, and a train:

LEGO City Advent 2020 Other Vehicles

As with any LEGO set, we got extras of all the tiny parts (mostly 1×1 plates and tiles). Here I’ve collected all of the extras from all 24 models. Every model had at least one, except for the minifigure from Day 2. This tradition probably doesn’t make a lot of sense nowadays, given the accuracy of the factory equipment (scales that weigh the bags) but I guess they are just concerned little kids are most likely to lose these parts. With 24 separate models, there are always a ton of extra parts in the Advent calendars.

LEGO City Advent 2020 Extra Parts

And now for a few awards… click the image for the Flickr page, or the “Day NN” link for my blog entry about each one.

Best Minifigure Best Car or Truck Best Christmas Model Best Building
LEGO City Advent 2020 day 24 LEGO City Advent 2020 day 14 LEGO City Advent 2020 day 23 LEGO City Advent 2020 day 13 closer
Santa Claus
(Day 24)
Monster Truck
(Day 14)
Rudolph & Sleigh
(Day 23)
(Day 13)
Best Parts Usage Best Printed Part Best Combination Best Overall Model
LEGO City Advent 2020 day 17 LEGO City Advent 2020 day 13 closer LEGO City Advent 2020 days 20-22 LEGO City Advent 2020 day 12
(Day 17)
1×1 tile with Dollar Sign
(Bank, Day 13)
Truck with trailer and boat
(Days 20-22)
Steam Train
(Day 12)

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