LEGO City Advent 2020 Day 4

On the 4th day of our City Advent adventure, we get a cute little pickup truck.

LEGO City Advent 2020 day 4

Here’s a view of it from the back.

LEGO City Advent 2020 day 4 rear

The truck is made from 22 parts, if you include the spares, which is continuing the trend so far for these models of intricate microscale models, not unlike the way Star Wars calendars usually do. Scale for these models is all over the map though; the truck is about as big as the police station and the ship!

The tires for the truck are made using the 1×1 round plate with hollow studs, which is an incredibly useful part and any time I get more of them it makes me happy. Also, we can can fit the spares in the truck bed…

Advent 4 topLEGO City Advent 2020 day 4 top