Advent 2017 Day 8

We’re now a third of the way through the Advent Calendars, and today we get grandma with some cookies (City), another sled (Friends), and a box with a gun and a wrench (Star Wars). The Christmas Build-Up model today is an igloo, and I built a dragster race car with leftover parts.
Advent 2017 Day 8

City’s model is a nice older lady with some cookies. Mrs. Claus or your grandma? You be the judge.
Advent 2017 City Day 8

Sleds seem to be a popular theme in all the calendars. Here’s another one. Or maybe it’s more of a sleigh, as it has an attachment to be pulled.
Advent 2017 Friends Day 8

Every year Star Wars gives us at least one “gun rack” and this year is no exception. We get a box with a wrench in it too. I don’t remember these being prominent features of the movies, but it seems to be very popular among LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar designers.
Advent 2017 Star Wars Day 8

For Christmas Build-Up we get a little igloo.
Christmas Build-Up 2017 Day 8

With the leftovers I built a dragster. Yeah I know the front wheels aren’t on the ground, but there weren’t a lot of wheel parts to work with in this set.
Christmas Build-Up 2017 Day 8 MOC
Christmas Build-Up 2017 Day 8 MOC Rear

Note: See Yesterday’s post for instructions to build the Snail.

[Added Dec 10th] Here are the instructions for the dragster:
Christmas Build-Up 2017 Day 8 MOC
Christmas Build-Up 2017 Day 8 MOC

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