Advent 2016 Day 13

We begin the second half of the Advent Calendars with some military looking dude with a remote control (City), two chairs and a low table with some cupcakes (Friends), and a battle droid (Star Wars); in Christmas Build Up we have a cute little robot, and for some reason I made a vacuum cleaner.

Advent 2016 Day 13 All Models

Not sure what this guy is supposed to be .. demolitions expert maybe? He’s got some kind of remote control that seems ominous to me and the torso has a military type feel to it…

Advent 2016 Day 13 City

Here’s the back of the figure; there’s printing on the back of the torso.

Advent 2016 Day 13 City Rear

For Friends we get a nice little table and chairs. Feels like the set of a talk show to me.

Advent 2016 Day 13 Friends

Star Wars gives us an armed (of course) battle droid.

Advent 2016 Day 13 Star Wars

Here are the three models together.

Advent 2016 Day 13

And here the two figures sit down for a snack. Well one of them gets a snack anyway.

Advent 2016 Day 13 In Use

The Christmas Build Up model for today is pretty simple, but very cute (and doesn’t require taking apart yesterday’s model) – a tiny robot.

Christmas Build Up 2016 Day 13

Now I don’t know what I was thinking but for some reason I decided to build a vacuum cleaner with googly eyes.

Christmas Build Up 2016 Day 13 MOC with Eyes

Here it is without the eyes.

Christmas Build Up 2016 Day 13 MOC without Eyes

View from the side…

Christmas Build Up 2016 Day 13 MOC Side

…and the back.

Christmas Build Up 2016 Day 13 MOC Rear

If you didn’t get your LEGO Advent Calendars or Christmas Build Up set, you can get them here: 60133 City Advent Calendar, 41131 Friends Advent Calendar, 75146 Star Wars Advent Calendar, and 40222 Christmas Build Up.