Advent 2019 Day 12

Day 12! Halfway to 24! Are you ready for Christmas? Today’s models are pretty disappointing to me. We get a rocking chair, a roller skate, some food, and an Imperial Gunner.

Advent 2019 Day 12

If you don’t have your Advent calendars yet, ordering them on Amazon could help support this blog. Here are the links: City, Friends, Harry Potter, and Star Wars.

Today’s city model is a rocking chair and a little table with a lamp. The chair actually rocks, which is nice, using a relatively new part, a 2×2 inverted bowed slope. But I’m not a fan of the lack of armrests, or the exposed hollow studs. This could have been a lot better.

Advent 2019 Day 12 City

Here one of the minifigures is trying out the rocking chair.

Advent 2019 Day 12 City Rocking

Today we get a Friends ornament of, I think, a roller skate. Or maybe a baby carriage. Either way, it’s pretty uninspiring.

Advent 2019 Day 12 Friends

Harry Potter adds some more food to the feast.

Advent 2019 Day 12 HP

Star Wars gives us an Imperial Gunner with one of the weirdest costume choices (and that’s really saying something) in the history of cinema, the underbite helmet. Jay has amended his entry from yesterday to now (correctly, I think) place that model on the Death Star in the original trilogy rather than Starkiller Base, and I’ve also updated yesterday’s entry correspondingly. Here you can see the front view, with more photos to show the printing on his face and on the back of the torso.

Advent 2019 Day 12 SW Advent 2019 Day 12 SW Face Advent 2019 Day 12 SW Rear