Advent 2016 Day 5

For the 5th day of the LEGO Advent Calendars we have a firefighting snowmobile (City), another figure with a festive holiday sweater (Friends), and a micro scale Ion Cannon from the ice planet Hoth (Star Wars). On the Christmas Build Up side of things, we get a little snow shovel truck, and I built a turkey.

Advent 2016 Day 5 All Models.jpg

Here is the snowmobile. It comes with a fire extinguisher. I especially like the way they simulated the drive treads on the back.

Advent 2016 Day 5 City.jpg

Finally we get another Friends figure; the other two calendars have had two each so now we are caught up.

Advent 2016 Day 5 Friends.jpg

More evidence of a hostile Life Day this year – rebel defensive guns from the Empire Strikes Back.

Advent 2016 Day 5 Star Wars.jpg

Here are all three Advent models together.

Advent 2016 Day 5-8.jpg

Now over to Christmas Build Up, where we have a snowplow truck. This time I did have to take apart the previous day’s model (monkey) as well as my MOC to get the parts to build it.

Christmas Build Up 2016 Day 5.jpg

And with the leftover parts we have a turkey … gobble gobble! I used the brick separator as a tail.

Christmas Build Up 2016 Day 5 MOC.jpg

Here’s a rear view of the turkey.

Christmas Build Up 2016 Day 5 MOC Back.jpg

If you didn’t get your LEGO Advent Calendars or Christmas Build Up set, you can get them here: 60133 City Advent Calendar, 41131 Friends Advent Calendar, 75146 Star Wars Advent Calendar, and 40222 Christmas Build Up.