LEGO City Advent 2020 Day 12

Time sure flies, especially in December. At least that’s not different in 2020. Day 12 of the LEGO City Advent Calendar is a cute micro scale train.

LEGO City Advent 2020 day 12

I think this one has the most parts yet, with 25 (if you count the large number of bonus 1×1 parts they include).

Here are close ups of the individual parts – locomotive with tender…

LEGO City Advent 2020 day 12 engine

…and the carriage…

LEGO City Advent 2020 day 12 carriage

These trains would fit in nicely in a Micropolis train layout. One of our BayLUG members, Zonker Harris, has been working on trains for Micropolis very much like these, using the minifigure roller skates as wheel bogies.

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