Glory to Ukraine

Ukranian flag hearts and "????? ???????" sign

“Слава Україні” (in the Roman alphabet, “Sláva Ukrayíni”), means “Glory to Ukraine” and is the rallying cry of the Ukranian people as they resist the invasion by Russia. I designed these models to show my support for the cause. I designed a LEGO model based on the a Ukranian flag with the words printed on it. I also created two heart shapes, 6 and 10 studs tall respectively. The instructions for all three models are included in this post.
Slava Ukraini Instr p01

Ukraine Heart 6 InstrUkraine Heart 10 Instr
Download it as a PDF file: Slava Ukraini Instr.pdf or download each of the 10 pages as a separate PNG file from the Flickr album.

In case you’re wondering, no I don’t speak Ukranian or Russian, but I ran the design by a friend who does…

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