Advent 2013 Review

Merry Christmas! The 24 days of LEGO Advent Calendars (Friends (set# 41016), City (60024), and Star Wars (75023)) are over, and here’s a review of all that we got…

Here we have all 72 models (3 calendars x 24 days each) laid out on a towel-covered table. The pics that follow show the models and parts in various combinations. Click each image for a larger view (on Flickr).

Just the minifigs.

Christmas trees, hearth, lamppost, and gifts.

Friends Advent Calendar models.

City Advent Calendar models.

Star Wars Advent Calendar models.

Finally, we have plenty of spare parts. Whenever there is a smaller part such as a 1×1 round plate or tile, you will often see one or two extras included along with it… I’ve shown you the extras for each day as we’ve gone along, but here they all are collected together.

First, Friends spare parts:

Next, we have the City spare parts:

Finally, Star Wars: