Advent 2017 Day 10

Our Day 10 calendars offer up a seaplane (City), a karaoke machine (Friends), and a Force Awakens equivalent of a sand person (Star Wars). The Christmas Build-Up set provides a coffee and a chocolate cupcake under an archway with a wreath, and with leftover parts I built a red and white fighter jet.

Advent 2017 Day 10

So today I did the Christmas Build-Up set first, and only after I had built my fighter jet MOC did I open up the advent calendars and see there was another plane in the first one! I love the bright light orange color and the bowed inverse slopes on the bottom. Nice little model.
Advent 2017 City Day 10

In Friends, we go in a new direction with what I guess is a karaoke machine or a lectern maybe?
Advent 2017 Friends Day 10

The model from Star Wars is (according to Jay’s Brick Blog) Unkar’s Thug, one of the henchmen from the planet Jakku – since that movie was basically a reboot of the original Star Wars movie, this would be the equivalent of the Sand People I think.
Advent 2017 Star Wars Day 10

Now over to Christmas Build-Up where today’s model from that 24-in-1 set was a little hearth or archway with a mug and a brown cupcake or other pastry. Chocolate cookie and milk for Santa maybe?
Christmas Build-Up 2017 Day 10

Anyway I used the leftover parts to build a jet fighter plane. Imagine my horror when I saw that the City model for today was another plane! Still, this is a very different type.
Christmas Build-Up 2017 Day 10 MOC
Christmas Build-Up 2017 Day 10 MOC Rear

[Added Dec 11th] Here are instructions for the MOC:
Christmas Build-Up 2017 Day 10 "Jet Fighter" MOC Instructions p1
Christmas Build-Up 2017 Day 10 "Jet Fighter" MOC Instructions p2