Advent 2015 Day 21

Today City gives us a campfire with roasting marshmallows, Friends gives us a catapult for snowballs, and Star Wars gives us a console with a shooting gun.

Happy Winter Solstice everyone! While officially it is tomorrow (December 22) that’s based on GMT. Locally the actual moment of maximum winter is Monday, December 21, 2015 at 8:49 PM PST.

Only four more shopping days left until Christmas! Are you ready?
LEGO Advent 2015 Day 21

LEGO City Advent 2015 Day 21
LEGO Friends Advent 2015 Day 21
LEGO Star Wars Advent 2015 Day 21
Benches from Friends go nicely with the new fire. Too bad the minifigs with stubby legs can’t sit down.
LEGO Friends+City Advent 2015 Day 21
Comparing the Ewok catapult from Day 9 with today’s snowball shooter.
LEGO Advent 2015 Day 21 - Friends vs Star Wars
Day 15’s turret goes up against the new one from today. Not sure which is supposed to be Empire and Rebel, but I lined up a figure for each one.
LEGO Star Wars Advent 2015 Day 21 Duel

If you haven’t gotten your Advent calendars yet, here are some links to them on Amazon: Star Wars, City, Friends.