Nautical Terminology

The following nautical terms are used in the descriptions of my boat, ship, and/or spaceship models. If you are unfamiliar with nautical terminology you may find this guide useful:

bow the front, or nose, of the ship
stern the rear of the ship
fore toward the bow
aft toward the stern
starboard right hand side, facing forward
port left hand side, facing forward
head bathroom
cabin small living quarters
stateroom larger living quarters
bulkhead structural wall
ladder stairway (assuming you have gravity)
companionway a raised hatch with a ladder leading down into the cabin (should this apply to an airlock perhaps?)
galley kitchen

Please post comments with any suggestions for changes.

EDIT 9/9/2009: Added companionway and galley.

3 thoughts on “Nautical Terminology”

  1. According to Wikipedia ( ) we’re both wrong….

    ‘In the architecture of a ship, a companion or companionway is a raised and windowed hatchway in the ship’s deck, with a ladder leading below and the hooded entrance-hatch to the main cabins. This meaning of “companion” is derived from French and Italian terms meaning “the chamber of the company,” originally the name of the storeroom for provisions on board ship. The term later broadened to its current meaning.’

    There’s also a glossary of nautical terms on Wikipedia:

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