Advent 2018 Day 11

Today’s Advent models are a microscale high speed train, a lantern, and Rowan Freemaker.
Advent 2018 Day 11

In the City Advent calendar today we get a little high-speed train. It comes with a total of 9 grey 1×1 round plates with hollow stud (if you count the extra one), some dark blue plates, and bright light orange tiles and slopes (with extras of the 1x1s of course). I think I’d’ve used a transparent plate in the locomotive instead of going with all opaque, but other than that it’s a nice little version which is very hard to do at that scale.
City Advent 2018 Day 11

Today’s Friends Advent model is a lantern suitable for hanging in your Christmas tree. Like the candle yesterday, I’m rather disappointed by how they made the flame. Still it’s a nice little assortment of parts, with four tall windows and a bunch of purple bits. No extra elements though.
Friends Advent 2018 Day 11

Here it is deconstructed a bit so you can see how it was built.
Friends Advent 2018 Day 11 Inside

Finally for Star Wars we get Rowan Freemaker, the protagonist of the Freemaker Adventures, according to Jay’s Brick Blog. I haven’t seen that show, so I don’t know him or anything about him. There’s an extra lightsaber handle included.
Star Wars Advent 2018 Day 11

The back of the torso has some nice printing.
Star Wars Advent 2018 Day 11 Rear