Advent Calendars, Day 3

Since I waited until almost midnight “yesterday” (half an hour ago) to post, I thought I’d get a head start on day 3. Hope you have opened yours before reading this!!

Anyway, Day 3 brings furniture and utensils for Evil Twin’s Thanksgiving feast. But it’s a small table for one, a frying pan, and a mug. Clearly the intent is he’s only cooking for himself. I guess that does make him pretty Evil. And doing it right next to his Good Twin, who’s hard at work guarding that arch thingy, is doubly cruel. You know the tourists who taunt the guards at Buckingham Palace, who famously have to just stand there and not make any reaction at all? I imagine it’s kind of like that. Good Twin has to stand there and smell the mouth watering-aroma of plastic turkey leg cooking on the open fire, without being able to make a move, even to wipe the drool off his chin.

Advent 3

At least Good Twin gets some new armor and a sword to fight off the bad guys, while his lazy good-for-nothing twin stands there cooking food for himself. Here he is, trying it on:

Trying on the armor

He’s lucky to get it on day 3. In WoW, a paladin can’t get armor like that until level 40 or so….