Christmas Build-Up 2017 MOC Instructions

For the first 24 days of this month, I posted my Advent 2017 posts with images of the three Advent Calendar models as well as that day’s Christmas Build-Up model. Also each day I built a MOC (My Own Creation) using the remaining parts from the Christmas Build-Up set. I made directions for each of these models and posted them in each day’s post, but in case you want to see them all in one place, here you go…
Christmas Build-Up Set
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Advent 2017 Recap

I was going to post this on the 25th, but the holiday celebrations got in my way. Anyway here’s an overview of what we found in this year’s City, Friends, and Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendars.

I’ll start with the leftovers. Every LEGO set gives you some extra parts of the smaller elements. LEGO sets are packed by weight, and to make sure they haven’t accidentally shorted you on the parts, they give an extra one of the lightest-weight elements. Also I bet these are the ones kids are most likely to lose. In any case, when you have 24 x 3 = 72 models there end up being quite a few of these small parts:
Advent 2017 Extra Parts
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Advent 2017 Day 24

Christmas Eve gives us the final installment of this year’s Advent Calendars and Christmas Build-Up sets. Today’s models are very Santa Claus themed, of course… a traditional Santa (City), a Santa-themed snowman (Friends), and BB-8 with a Santa hat (Star Wars). In Christmas Build-Up we build another Santa, and I built a second snowman MOC.
Advent 2017 Day 24
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Advent 2017 Day 21

Happy Winter Solstice! From here on out the days are getting longer at last. (Sorry Southern Hermispherians) Today we get an ice angel (City), gifts for the tree (Friends), and an Imperial ground crew member (Star Wars). In Christmas Build-Up we get a SnoCat, and I built a bunny. Advent 2017 Day 21
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Advent 2017 Day 20

We’re coming into the final stretch! Day 20 gives us a minifigure with a saw (City), another tree (Friends), and an Imperial Assault Hovertank (Star Wars). The Christmas Build-Up model is a steaming mug of hot coca or coffee, and with the leftover parts I built a deer.
Advent 2017 Day 20
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Advent 2017 Day 18

Day 18 of the LEGO Advent Calendars gives us a helicopter pilot (City), a weird little tower with a party hat and a bow (Friends), and a Y-wing fighter (Star Wars). The Christmas Build-Up model for today is a hedgehog or some similar little cute animal, and I used the rest of the parts to build Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and a sleigh.
Advent 2017 Day 18
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Advent 2017 Day 17

Day 17 – just one more week to go until the 24th! Today’s LEGO City model is a cute little helicopter; in Friends we get a stand for yesterday’s cat to sit on, and the Star Wars is a Rogue One Imperial Officer. Meanwhile, Christmas Build-Up gives us a table wreath with four candles, and I built a wind-up toy robot with the spare parts.
Advent 2017 Day 17
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