Advent 2013 Day 8

For the 8th day of the LEGO Advent Calendars we get a bunch of food for our minifigs.

Advent 2013 Day 8

Friends has a 2×2 plate with two mugs, a carton of milk, and a stack of plates that I think represents a fried egg on toast. Also plenty of spare parts.

City gives us a bunch of loose parts – absolutely nothing to build! There are two wine glasses, two bottles, a pizza, some lime-colored cherries, and two drumsticks. They included two extra cherries beyond the one in the box diagram.

And for Star Wars, we get a birthday cake in the shape of a spaceship. Or maybe just a spaceship. It’s one of those Clone Wars things I think, so I don’t really recognize it, but I saw a big version in the LEGO store yesterday. (OK I looked it up and it’s a Republic Gunship.) I like the way that the hinge plate representing the cockpit lines up perfectly parallel with the angle of the slope piece. Great, if simple, use of LEGO geometry on this one.

(Sorry this entry is a day late – I had a busy weekend and didn’t get around to posting this Sunday as I had planned.)