Advent Calendars, Day 15

No new figs today but more accessories for our previous figs. The warlock now has a cooking fire and cauldron. I guess she’s leveling her cooking skill? I don’t know any recipes that call for snake meat in WoW though.

On the City side, the diver has one of those underwater self propelled units. Probably a good thing because with that life vest he’ll need some help getting down to any depth.

Advent 15: New Stuff

Here we see the figs with their new stuff. The diver had better watch his feet with that propeller so close and unshrouded!

Advent 15: With Figs

But one thing I noticed just now was that the diver has the same face as the Good Twin and Evil Twin! I guess that means he must be Chaotic Twin. Here’s the family portrait:

Advent 15: Family Portrait

Happy Feast of Winter Veil!