Advent 2016 Day 11

Today is the 11th day of the 2016 LEGO Advent Calendars, which brings us a bare bones Christmas tree (City), guitar on a stand (Friends), and one of those prequel hover tanks (Star Wars). The Christmas Build Up model for today is a proper Christmas tree, and I used leftover parts to build a mouse.

Advent 2016 Day 11 All Models.jpg

Here’s the City model, which is kind of a Charlie Brown type Christmas tree.

Advent 2016 Day 11 City.jpg

Friends continues the musical theme with an electric guitar and a stand to display it on:

Advent 2016 Day 11 Friends.jpg

Today’s Star Wars model is a neat little micro version of one of those hover tanks from the prequel movie we all want to forget.

Advent 2016 Day 11 Star Wars.jpg

Here are the three Advent models together.

Advent 2016 Day 11.jpg

In Christmas Build Up, we get this neat little Christmas tree:

Christmas Build Up 2016 Day 11.jpg

And I used leftover parts to build a mouse that is a little more realistic (though still not very) compared to the other models of rodents we’ve been building.

Christmas Build Up 2016 Day 11 MOC.jpg

Here’s a side view of my mouse.

Christmas Build Up 2016 Day 11 MOC Side.jpg

If you didn’t get your LEGO Advent Calendars or Christmas Build Up set, you can get them here: 60133 City Advent Calendar, 41131 Friends Advent Calendar, 75146 Star Wars Advent Calendar, and 40222 Christmas Build Up.

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