Advent Calendars, Day 20

We’re getting down to the wire here folks. Today we get more accessories, but tenuous connection if any to previous entries…

Advent 20

For Castle, we get a really nice table and chair with gold metallic bowl and goblet (plus extra goblet and brown cylinders). So I guess our maiden from a few days ago is an innkeeper after all. Though of course the innkeeper in Stormwind is a blonde.

On the City side, we get a really nice pallet jack. Our train worker from yesterday is supposed to use it, I guess, so I guess he uses it to load cargo onto boxcars?

2 thoughts on “Advent Calendars, Day 20”

  1. I want to thank you for your site. My son has the Lego City Advent Calendar, and I always come where when I can’t figure out what one of the pieces is (like this one). :) I love your witty comments, too! Happy building!

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