Advent 2019 Day 14

Only ten more shopping days left until Christmas! It’s Day 14, and today’s Advent calendars give us milk and cookies, a weird little steam engine, Hermione Granger, and a Snail Tank.

Advent 2019 Day 14

If you don’t have your Advent calendars yet, ordering them on Amazon could help support this blog. Here are the links: City, Friends, Harry Potter, and Star Wars.

We’ve had storytime and now it’s time to put out the milk and cookies for Santa. Though with ten more days to go, the cookie will be stale, the candle will go out, and the milk will curdle. Nice treat for Santa, that.

Advent 2019 Day 14 City

The Friends model is a charicature of a steam locomotive. The less said about this the better.

Advent 2019 Day 14 Friends

We’ve had Harry and Ron, and finally on Day 14 we get Hermione.

Advent 2019 Day 14 HP Front

Here I’ve taken her hair off and turned her around so you can see the alternate face and the printing on the back of her torso.

Advent 2019 Day 14 HP Rear

While I know I saw Revenge of the Sith I don’t remember it much, and I’ve never played the Star Wars Battlefront games, so I didn’t recognize what we got in the Star Wars Advent Calendar today. Today’s Star Wars model is the “Snail Tank” aka the NR-N99 Persuader-class droid enforcer, at least according to Jay’s Brick Blog. It can be found attacking Chewbacca’s home world of Kashyyyk.

Advent 2019 Day 14 SW