Advent 2015 Day 24

Well we have reached the end of our 2015 Advent Calendars. Hope you’ve enjoyed my posts, and I hope you had a chance to open your own calendar(s) each day. Our final entries are Santa Claus himself from City, an adorable penguin from Friends, and Santa-3PO from Star Wars.
LEGO Advent 2015 Day 24

LEGO City Advent 2015 Day 24
LEGO Friends Advent 2015 Day 24
LEGO Star Wars Advent 2015 Day 24
Here’s a cute little scene with Santa in front of the tree and presents from earlier:
LEGO City Advent 2015 Day 24 with Tree
The last three days of Star Wars make a nice little set – R2-D2 towing the sleigh with Santa-3PO
LEGO Star Wars Advent 2015 Days 22-24
Collecting all the figures together from the various Advent calendars together:
LEGO Advent 2015 Figures
All the collected models from the City calendar:
LEGO City Advent 2015
And Friends:
LEGO Friends Advent 2015
And Star Wars:
LEGO Star Wars Advent 2015
Star Wars Advent calendars are known for the mini-models of spacecraft, vehicles, and structures:
LEGO Star Wars Advent 2015 Miniatures
Nearly every LEGO set comes with extras of the smallest parts, and this is true for each day of the Advent calendars as well. Here are all of the extra parts lined up for viewing:
LEGO Advent 2015 Spare Parts
Christmas is tomorrow! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

If you haven’t gotten your Advent calendars yet, here are some links to them on Amazon: Star Wars, City, Friends.