Advent 2014 Awards

3 Advent Calendars.
24 days.
72 models.
14 minifigs.
2 minidolls.
4 animals.
2 droids.
9 mini spaceships.
3 gun emplacements.
2 hearths.
3 Christmas trees (including the droid).

Having built all 72 models, I’ve come up with some winners for the best model in each category. Continue reading “Advent 2014 Awards”

Advent 2014 Day 24

Last day of our Advent Calendar – December 24th, Christmas Eve.

The final entry for Friends seems a little underwhelming to me – a storage box for a camera and some ice skates? Strange combination.

City gives us a nice traditional Santa Claus, complete with chocolate chip cookie.

Star Wars continues with its wacky take on Christmas with Darth Claus. Okaaaay.
Advent 2014 Day 24 Continue reading “Advent 2014 Day 24”

Advent 2014 Day 23

Happy Christmas Eve Eve. Only one more shopping day – are you ready??

Today the LEGO Advent Calendars bring us another Christmas tree (Friends), a trike (City), and a somewhat sinister looking hearth (Star Wars). Along with yesterday’s goofy Christmas Tree droid, I like the way the LEGO Star Wars is approaching the advent calendar with a sense of humor and hope tomorrow’s is even better…

Advent 2014 Day 23

Just one more left!

Advent 2014 Day 21

Happy Solstice! Today is the shortest day and longest night of the year. Today in our LEGO Advent calendars we get a speaker and controls (Friends), a wrapped gift and a stocking (City), and a Y-Wing Fighter (Star Wars). The Star Wars one comes with tons of extra parts!
Advent 2014 Day 21

Advent 2014 Day 20

Today’s LEGO advent calendars give us a cute kitten (Friends), a barrel with a shovel and an axe and a couple of round things (City), and an Imperial Shuttle (Star Wars). Hard to imagine three more different models. I really don’t get what the City one is supposed to be for, but we get a bonus one of each tool.
Advent 2014 Day 20