Advent 2017 Recap

I was going to post this on the 25th, but the holiday celebrations got in my way. Anyway here’s an overview of what we found in this year’s City, Friends, and Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendars.

I’ll start with the leftovers. Every LEGO set gives you some extra parts of the smaller elements. LEGO sets are packed by weight, and to make sure they haven’t accidentally shorted you on the parts, they give an extra one of the lightest-weight elements. Also I bet these are the ones kids are most likely to lose. In any case, when you have 24 x 3 = 72 models there end up being quite a few of these small parts:
Advent 2017 Extra Parts

Now turning to the actual models we built, first City:

Advent 2017 City Recap

We built eight micro models:
Advent 2017 City Micro Models

There were six minifigs:
Advent 2017 City Figures

And here are the rest of the models:
Advent 2017 City Misc.

Here’s all the Friends models:
Advent 2017 Friends Recap

There was just one human figure, but six animals (seven if you include the fish). I guess the theme is Heartlake City Winter Pet Show.
Advent 2017 Friends Figures

There were a number of sleds built, and several could join together to make a snow train, plus one could be towed by the pony:
Advent 2017 Friends Rides

Here’s the final Star Wars haul:
Advent 2017 Star Wars Recap

We built eleven micro vehicles from the Star Wars universe:
Advent 2017 Star Wars Micro Ships

There are eight minifigures, if you count BB-8:
Advent 2017 Star Wars Figures

And here’s the rest of the Star Wars models.
Advent 2017 Star Wars Misc.

That does it for this year’s models. Hope you enjoyed following along, and enjoyed your winter holiday(s). The New Year is just a few days away!