Advent 2011 Day 5

Day 5 of the LEGO City and Star Wars Advent Calendars for 2011.

Another piece of the City hoosegow has appeared, and LEGO has kindly given us a bonus 1×2 “POLICE” tile and for the second day running, an extra 1×1 brick! Usually the extra parts do not include bricks, so that’s generous of them.

This time I actually recognize the Star Wars thing, for the first time… it’s Boba Fett’s ship, the Slave I! I am beginning to get the picture here … the minifig we got on Day 2 is a kid (with really bad skin and hair) who builds models of Star Wars ships! So this isn’t a microscale ship at all … it’s a minifig scale model of a minifig scale model of a ship!

I must say I’m really pleased with the parts selection in the Star Wars calendar so far. There’s a lot of good parts and clever building techniques used in making these little ships. Kudos to the LEGO designers… hope the level of quality doesn’t drop off as the month goes by; they’ve set a high bar in these early days.

Here are the accumulated items so far:

5 thoughts on “Advent 2011 Day 5”

  1. Gotta change the grill brick on the Slave I… The picture on the box is right, the directions have it backwards.

  2. Maybe tomorrow you will get a minifig scale minifig! (That is, a minifig that would be minifig-sized to the minifig you got on Day One.) If you do, whatever you do don’t drop it! You’d never find it again.

  3. OK, so there are 3 images of the Slave I… there’s one on the front of the box, one on the inside of the flap (“instructions”) and the one that appears on the top of the door for Day 14. It’s the latter (Day 14) that you are talking about… the picture on the front of the box matches the instructions. What’s your source?

  4. The picture on the back of the box (4th picture!) and the picture over Day 14…
    The color of the bricks seems to make more sense that way to me also.

    I guess I should fire up ESB to find out for sure!

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