Advent 2017 Day 24

Christmas Eve gives us the final installment of this year’s Advent Calendars and Christmas Build-Up sets. Today’s models are very Santa Claus themed, of course… a traditional Santa (City), a Santa-themed snowman (Friends), and BB-8 with a Santa hat (Star Wars). In Christmas Build-Up we build another Santa, and I built a second snowman MOC.
Advent 2017 Day 24

All three models feature the identical Santa Claus hat. City’s Santa is pretty standard, though the torso and face have some nice details.
Advent 2017 City Day 24

Here he is riding the snowmobile and sleigh from the previous two days:
Advent 2017 City Days 22-24

In Friends we get this snowman with a Santa hat.
Advent 2017 Friends Day 24

The pony and sleigh can pull this one as well:
Advent 2017 Friends Days 22-24

Meanwhile BB-8 comes with his own transportation, a snowboard. I guess there are some places a rolling droid can’t go without some help…
Advent 2017 Star Wars Day 24

In Christmas Build-Up, we get a brick-built Santa.
Christmas Build-Up 2017 Day 24

The weird thing about this one is that the face is attached using a single Technic pin, allowing it to rotate freely. This is a very curious choice, given that no other model during the whole Christmas Build-Up series used those parts, and there are plenty of better SNOT parts in the kit that you could use to attach it which would not allow it to rotate freely as this one does.
Christmas Build-Up 2017 Day 24 Face Rotated Christmas Build-Up 2017 Day 24 Face Removed

Anyway with the leftover parts, I built a snowman. Now I know I built one in Day 6, and they provided a snowman head in Day 13, but I think this is a better design. Which do you prefer?
Christmas Build-Up 2017 Day 24 MOC "Snowman II"

Well that does it for this year’s Advent Calendars and Christmas Build-Up models. I’ll post a wrap-up tomorrow showing everything that was included. I hope you enjoyed reading the series and if you got these sets for yourself, I hope you enjoyed building them. Merry Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Advent 2017 Day 24”

  1. Hi Bill,
    I would love to be able to make your Shasta trailer but have bombed. I’m trying to make my fiance one for Valentine’s day. Did you ever make instructions? Thanks for your time.

  2. I have made instructions, but I’ve been thinking of redoing that model with some of the newer parts that LEGO have released in the years since I did the original.

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