Advent 2012 Day 21

Day 21 of the LEGO Advent Calendars brings us a Star Wars Super Battle Droid (meh) and some traffic cones and a sign for City, and finally Friends comes through with a detailed model!

Advent 2012 Day 21

The Super Battle Droid is a lot more detailed than LEGO’s regular Battle Droid model, but it feels like cheap plastic from China like a lot of non-LEGO toys, and the parts don’t seem to be very useful.

City gives us two traffic cones with blue lights on them, and a yellow warning sign. In case you’re wondering how the warning sign is attached, it has a clip in the back and it’s attached to the dark grey claw – you can see the extra claw lying with the other extra parts. Not a bad way to attach the sign, though it’s kind of low to the ground.

But the best model this time comes from Friends, and there’s no pink or purple or teal or anything! How odd! It’s a nice simple little fireplace with a mantle decorated for the holidays. How sweet.

Also, happy Mayan New Year everybody! It’s already December 22 in parts of the world, and we’re all still here….