Advent 2014 Round-Up

Here are some roundup photos of some of the highlights from this year’s LEGO Advent Calendars.


Friends Figures:
I included the animals in this because there were so few figures in this year’s Friends set.
Friends Figures

City Figures:
I didn’t include the dog in this one.
City Figures

Star Wars Figures:
Star Wars has the most figures, especially if you count the droids.
Star Wars Figures

Star Wars Micro Ships:
Star Wars Micro Ships

Star Wars Misc Models:
Star Wars Misc Models

Friends Kitchen:
(As featured previously)
Friends Kitchen

Spare Parts:
Every LEGO set typically comes with a few spare parts – those smaller elements that are easily lost – so that if a kid loses them or for some reason the count was wrong when packing the set (since it’s done by weight), they don’t have irate customers complaining that parts are missing. They’ve done this for decades, but with the Advent Calendars it’s especially notable since there are 24 separate models in each, and they tend to include a lot of small parts. The most spare parts in any model was 7 for the Y-Wing Fighter (as noted in my Advent 2014 Awards posting), but many of them included a few. This photo shows all the spare parts from all three calendars: Friends on the left, City in the middle, and Star Wars on the right:
Advent 2014 Spare Parts