Advent 2012 Day 11

Today, we get a Christmas gift, a quad bike (belonging to the fire department?), and an Ion Cannon from Star Wars.

Advent 2012 Day 11

The pink and white box from Friends is a pretty lame model, and the little pawprint round tile can’t be mounted in the center on the provided jumper plate. But if they’d given us a regular 1×2 plate, it would be. The round tile has more ways of being attached to LEGO studs than most 2×2 parts, and in this instance you can see that I’ve attached the stud not in the “corners” of the round tile, where notches for studs are clearly visible, but in the center of the side of the part. (The instructions in the box were not clear about exactly how to attach it, since it showed the tile hovering above the pink and white box.)

The quad bike is a cute little design, and clearly the wheels from yesterday’s entry were meant for this little vehicle:

Advent 2012 Day 11 (with wheels)

The Star Wars model is a little unexciting, though I suppose the black 3 stud diameter radar dish is a nice part to have.