Advent 2015 Day 1

Each year LEGO produces several advent calendars, featuring 24 mini-models, one for each day of December through Christmas Eve. For the past few years I’ve posted these entries each day on my blog, and as I write this it’s 11:46 PM on December 1st, so I just barely made it before the end of the day…

Day 1 brings us a Friends minidoll in a festive sweater, a micro scale Star Wars ship that I don’t recognize, and a pair of little remote control cars for City.




If you haven’t gotten your Advent calendars yet, here are some links to them on Amazon: Star Wars, City, Friends.

3 thoughts on “Advent 2015 Day 1”

  1. the first day is jabba the hut’s cruiser. we assume the second day is meant to be the monster that lives in the hole in the sand???? What do people think? Sue

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