Brick Geometry Presentations

In 2008 at BrickCon in Seattle, I gave a presentation called “Half-Plate Offsets” about some LEGO building techniques that I had discovered/developed. In 2013, I dusted off those slides and added more things, renaming it “Brick Geometry,” and presented it at Bricks by the Bay and BrickCon, and the following year at Brickworld in Chicago. I continued to give updated versions of the talk at various events each year through 2015, and picked it up again as of 2017 when I went to an event in Portugal, and again at BBTB in 2018. Each time I’ve made some corrections and additions to the slides. Here are all the versions given so far.

[Latest Update 7/15/2018: added 2018 Bricks by the Bay versions of both talks.]

In addition, in 2015 I debuted a second talk, “Studs in All Directions.” I gave the talk without any slides at Bricks by the Bay, just using some of my models as props. For BrickCon, however, I put together a small deck of slides to present along with the models. I updated it further for BBTB in 2018. The slides from this talk are available here:

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