Advent 2016 Day 23

Day 23 of the Advent calendars – just one more to go – gives us two sleighs (City and Star Wars) and a snowman (Friends). For Christmas Build Up, I realized today I screwed up a week ago and each model since the 14th has been off by one day! So today I made up for it by building Day 14, and then used leftovers to build a MOC of a kid on a sled.

Advent 2016 Day 23 All Models

Today’s City model is a sleigh, ready to be shackled to a horse or reindeer….

Advent 2016 Day 23 City

Friends gives us a nice snowman. I like the idea of using the truncated cone for the base and the use of skeleton legs as arms.

Advent 2016 Day 23 Friends

Star Wars brings us another sled, this time using hockey sticks for runners, and presumably powered by the Force.

Advent 2016 Day 23 Star Wars

Here’s the three models together.

Advent 2016 Day 23

When it comes to the Christmas Build-Up model, I have an embarrassing confession to make. I realized today that I had accidentally started building models off by one day, starting at Day 14. I accidentally built model #15 on the 14th, and continued off by one until today when I discovered myself building the final model! To make up for it, I’m building the Day 14 model on the 23rd and posting a correction on each of the days from 14-23. Sorry about the mistake!

So Day 14 should have been this model, a cute little bridge:

Christmas Build-Up 2016 Day 23 (really 14)

At least I think it’s a bridge, but the rear view shows green instead of blue below it.

Christmas Build-Up 2016 Day 23 (really 14) Rear

My model made with the leftover parts is yet another sled, but I swear I built it before even looking at the City and Star Wars models! I guess it’s just a sledapalooza day. This one is a different scale though, and has a rider.

Christmas Build-Up 2016 Day 23 (really 14) MOC

Rear view of the sled.

Christmas Build-Up 2016 Day 23 (really 14) MOC Rear

If you didn’t get your LEGO Advent Calendars or Christmas Build Up set, you can get them here: 60133 City Advent Calendar, 41131 Friends Advent Calendar, 75146 Star Wars Advent Calendar, and 40222 Christmas Build Up.

3 thoughts on “Advent 2016 Day 23”

  1. Your Christmas Buildup model has been confusing me for the past week. Now it all makes sense!

    BTW, I love the extra models you’ve been making for each day.

  2. I was mortified when I was building Day 23, and it turned out to be Santa Claus! And then there was no build after that … and then it dawned on me I had screwed it all up!
    Sorry about the confusion and thanks!

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