Advent 2017 Day 11

Day 11’s Advent calendars provide some of the best models yet – a cute snowman (City), a pastry stand (Friends), and a Luggabeast from The Force Awakens (Star Wars). In Christmas Build-Up we build a little snow chalet, and I used the leftover parts to make a farm tractor.

Advent 2017 Day 11

Today’s City model is a cute little snowman.
Advent 2017 City Day 11

Friends gives us a pastry stand. I think we’re trending towards a little holiday fair.
Advent 2017 Friends Day 11

In Star Wars we get to build the Luggabeast–a lovely little model with posable neck, legs, and stubby tail. It’s kind of adorable and a fun build. See Jay’s Brick Blog for more info.
Advent 2017 Star Wars Day 11

For the Christmas Build-Up set we get a microscale ski chalet, complete with Christmas lights and smoke billowing from the rooftop (one assumes there’s a chimney under there somewhere… I would have put a couple of 1×1 plates to make sure, personally).
Christmas Build-Up 2017 Day 11

Finally, I built a farm tractor with leftover parts from the ski chalet.
Christmas Build-Up 2017 Day 11 MOC

Also, I caught up last night & this morning on the instructions for the past few days’ MOCs, so be sure to check them out. Day 8: Dragster; Day 9: Breakfast Dude; Day 10: Jet Fighter.

[Added Dec 13th] Instructions for the tractor:
Christmas Build-Up 2017 Day 11 "Farm Tractor" MOC Instructions