Advent 2016 Day 8

For Day 8, the Advent calendars give us an ice hockey player (City), some snacks (Friends), and a laser cannon (Star Wars). Christmas Build Up gives us a weird creature (mouse?), and I built a fire truck.
Advent 2016 Day 8 All Models

The hockey player from City is all set to play:

Advent 2016 Day 8 City

We get milk, a jelly doughnut, and a carrot for Friends:

Advent 2016 Day 8 Friends

The Star Wars model is a laser cannon. Every Star Wars model so far has been either an armed spaceship, a guy with a gun, or a weapon turret like this one. Life Day is going to be a blood bath this year.

Advent 2016 Day 8 Star Wars

And here are all the Advent Calendar models:

Advent 2016 Day 8

For the Christmas Build Up set, this time we get a strange little creature.. at first I thought it was a cat, but the round ears suggest mouse. Given that I recently had a couple of unwanted housemates of the mouse persuasion (which I evicted and relocated to a nearby golf course), I’m not too happy with mice in general.

Christmas Build Up 2016 Day 8

Here is the backside. The tail isn’t very mouselike.

Christmas Build Up 2016 Day 8 Rear

I used leftover parts this time to build a fire truck.

Christmas Build Up 2016 Day 8 MOC

A view showing the rear of the truck.

Christmas Build Up 2016 Day 8 MOC Rear

If you didn’t get your LEGO Advent Calendars or Christmas Build Up set, you can get them here: 60133 City Advent Calendar, 41131 Friends Advent Calendar, 75146 Star Wars Advent Calendar, and 40222 Christmas Build Up.

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