LEGO Links

[Updated 10/22/2020: Removed some dead links and links to sites that had not been updated in years, and did some long-overdue reorganization.]

See also the LEGO Conventions page for links to in-person (and as of 2020, online) events.

Online Communities

Non-English Language LEGO Sites

LEGO Design Tools

If you don’t have the bricks, or you prefer to design on a computer, or just want to make instructions for your models and share them online, there are a few options.

  • – The original virtual LEGO toolkit
  • Studio – Virtual LEGO modeling software from BrickLink
  • LEGO Digital Designer – LEGO’s own modeling software (no longer supported)

Classic LEGO Fan Sites

These sites may not be updated often, but have a lot of great information and inspiration archived from the early days of online LEGO fandom.

  • Brickshelf – An online image gallery for LEGO
  • LUGNET – LEGO Users’ Group Network (inactive but a great archive of discussions)
  • Peeron – LEGO Set Inventories

Reference Sites

Blogs & Personal Sites


21 thoughts on “LEGO Links”

  1. Hi Bill,

    We’ve recently started, a LEGO web page of Dioramas and MOCs for the users. I Would like to share my site yo tou and if you like the MOCs and dioramas Would it be possible to add it to the list?

    Thanks! Regards

  2. Hello Bill,

    Just wondering if my new website may be of interest to you – especially for this excellent list of links you have created. My website focuses on my skyscraper models built using LEGO but also has posts that cover the various building techniques I have used (your presentations were an excellent resource for me when I got started in this hobby).


  3. Thanks! I added your site to the list, and did a bunch of reorganization and cleanup on the site. Some of the sites mentioned in older comments above have gone offline, unfortunately, but not sure if I should remove those comments or not…

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