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[Updated 10/22/2020: Removed some dead links and links to sites that had not been updated in years, and did some long-overdue reorganization.]

See also the LEGO Conventions page for links to in-person (and as of 2020, online) events.

Online Communities

Non-English Language LEGO Sites

LEGO Design Tools

If you don’t have the bricks, or you prefer to design on a computer, or just want to make instructions for your models and share them online, there are a few options.

  • – The original virtual LEGO toolkit
  • Studio – Virtual LEGO modeling software from BrickLink
  • LEGO Digital Designer – LEGO’s own modeling software (no longer supported)

Classic LEGO Fan Sites

These sites may not be updated often, but have a lot of great information and inspiration archived from the early days of online LEGO fandom.

  • Brickshelf – An online image gallery for LEGO
  • LUGNET – LEGO Users’ Group Network (inactive but a great archive of discussions)
  • Peeron – LEGO Set Inventories

Reference Sites

Blogs & Personal Sites


21 thoughts on “LEGO Links”

  1. Hello Bill,

    Just wondering if my new website may be of interest to you – especially for this excellent list of links you have created. My website focuses on my skyscraper models built using LEGO but also has posts that cover the various building techniques I have used (your presentations were an excellent resource for me when I got started in this hobby).


  2. Thanks! I added your site to the list, and did a bunch of reorganization and cleanup on the site. Some of the sites mentioned in older comments above have gone offline, unfortunately, but not sure if I should remove those comments or not…

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