Advent 2019 Day 18

Day 18 already! Here we get dinner for one, a nutcracker ornament, Professor Filius Flitwick, and a rebel soldier.

Advent 2019 Day 18

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After the stove and the fire extinguisher, here’s what’s left – one leg and a leaf, a feast for one?

Advent 2019 Day 18 City

The Friends ornaments continue, this time with a cute Nutcracker. Though I don’t understand why they are stacking the 2×2 round plates instead of giving us a 2×2 round brick. Also there’s that 2×2 round brick with Technic pin holes, that might have been better for the torso. Anyway it’s pretty cute.

Advent 2019 Day 18 Friends

Harry Potter’s model for today is Professor Filius Flitwick, Charms professor at Hogwarts and head of Ravenclaw house. He has short legs like the children because he’s part goblin. I love the bow tie part, and it came with two extras!

Advent 2019 Day 18 HP Front

Here’s a rear view so you can see the printing on the back of the head and torso.

Advent 2019 Day 18 HP Rear

Sticking to Episode IV, today’s Star Wars is a Rebel soldier with the weird giant egg-shaped helmet.

Advent 2019 Day 18 SW Front

And here’s the alternate face and the back of the torso.

Advent 2019 Day 18 SW Rear