BayLUG July 2022 Tailgate Meeting

Our meeting at the church in San Leandro was changed at the last minute to being a “tailgate meeting” in the parking lot (like the one in April) due to the rise of new COVID-19 variants and concerns of several members (including me) about the safety and ableism of holding indoor events.

BayLUG July 2022 Tailgate Meeting

People brought LEGO parts and sets to sell, MOCs (“My Own Creations”) to show, and everyone just wandered around visiting the backs of each member’s cars to see what there was to see. I chose to display just these four models, Galo de Barcelos, Flat Owl, and two new models I haven’t posted here about (Our Flag Means Pride and Wordle Fail) — I’ll come back here and put in links once I post about those.

I took a bunch of photos of what people brought, which you can see in the Flickr album for this meeting.

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