Flat Owl

Inspired by the “platecraft” technique used in Christmas decorations by Chris McVeigh, and my own Flat Santa and Flat Rudolph holiday decorations, I wanted to try the technique on a larger scale and without tying it to the holidays, and this was the result:

Flat Owl at BayLUG 20th Anniv

I’ve been using this “relief mosaic” style in several of my more recent models, California flag and the Galo de Barcelos mosaics, where the model is mostly flat but with some limited relief to add depth. The difference here is abandoning the rectangular or square background that those models have.

As you can see the base supports it using one of the leaves as a leg of the tripod, giving the illusion that it is floating above the table. The stem provides the other front leg, and a black rod comprised of LEGO plates attached at an angle supports the back. However, with that back leg removed it can also hang on a wall.

The owl was first built in 2018 and has been shown at several conventions and BayLUG events, but I didn’t get around to writing about it until now.