Brick Geometry at Bricks by the Bay 2022

I’ve updated my Brick Geometry Presentations page to include the PDF from my talk given today at Bricks by the Bay in Santa Clara, CA.

I had also given the same presentation last year at the Bricks by the Bay online event, but apparently never uploaded the file here — oops! Anyway I added the 2021 version as well, but it’s identical to the 2022 version except for the background on the slides and a few minor layout changes.

The presentation was successful; I got several appreciative comments at the end from people who attended. Even though I don’t change it much from year to year I always seem to reach new people and get some repeat viewers anyway.

This is my first in-person convention since the pandemic first hit. Thanks to those who attended, and I hope everyone stays well and that I get a chance to present this again soon at other conventions (assuming we get COVID-19 under better control and I feel safe to travel).