January 23, 2003: Maneki Neko

This is a repost of an entry I had originally posted on an old website in January 2003, before I started this blog.

This LEGO sculpture of a Maneki Neko (Japanese good-luck cat) was one of my earliest models, after building the Pokémon out of basic bricks alone, I allowed myself the luxury of plates as well, in order to approximate the script on the coin. The cat itself is just basic bricks though, except for the arm detachment mechanism.
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Pokémon, my first LEGO sculptures

With the Pokémon Go game being such a huge hit at the moment, I thought I’d post about some old MOCs that I built 15 years ago. Sorry about the photo quality – this was the early days of digital photography…

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Easter Bunny

Spring is here and with it come two ages-old symbols of fertility – the rabbit and the egg. But since Easter comes in the springtime, these symbols are part of the Christian tradition of Easter. Either way, they’re cute and so I decided to make a LEGO bunny and some eggs.

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