Micropolis Hospital

This hospital building is inspired by some old San Francisco General Hospital buildings from 1915. I built it a few years ago but like many of my models I haven’t gotten around to posting about it on my blog until much later. This was part of my Micropolis display featured in the Bricks by the Bay 2020 Virtual convention.

Micropolis Hospital 1

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Bricks by the Bay 2020 Virtual

Yesterday, July 11, was the first-ever online edition of the Bricks by the Bay LEGO convention. I set up a MOC (“My Own Creation”) exhibit in my dining room, since we couldn’t meet up in person this year.

BBTB 2020 MOCs 01

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Black Lives Still Matter

In the summer of 2016, to show support for the Black Lives Matter demonstrations happening all over the country, I created this LEGO “Black Lives Matter” sign. After the pointless death of George Floyd in Minnesota a few days ago, protests and demonstrations have been going on all over once again, and I feel it’s time for me to repeat this message.

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